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Angels Please Hold Me 
God the Trash Man 
 A Healer’s Prayer  How Sickness Begins
An Island Attacks the Sea  I Can See You Now
 Healing for My Neighbor  Remind_Me
 Sometimes I Forget  Offer Upon My Altar
 Naked Before You  Stargate of the Mind
 The Cosmic Heart  A Raindrop Falls into the Sea
Almighty God Coffee Shop Faces
 Like a Puppy  The Sirens Whine
Christmas with an Angel Up the Hill Together

Angels Please Hold Me 
(c) 2008 Tiffany Snow

Angels please hold me
At the end of the day,
Hold up my head
And help me to pray.

Long have been the minutes,
And long have been the hours,
My hands and heart for him,
My body surging with his power.

Another life will be touched today,
And not just one, but many.
And I get to see it all
And see the good side winning.

But how I long to be at home,
With my bright and glowing God,
I’d trade anytime for heaven
This earth of sorrow and sod.

Like a child with my nose
Pressed against the candy window,
I remember how heaven tasted
And how my spirit tingled.

How can I forget
The goodness and love that flowed?
Everyday reminds me
As I carry this precious load.

Angels please hold me,
For when his work is done,
I have no power left,
And all my strength is gone.

Poured out I feel sometimes -
Place my head against your chest,
For flesh has limitations,
And sometimes I must rest.

Angels please hold me,
Keep me balanced on my knees,
Help me to finish the task
So he will say: "well-pleased!"

A Healer’s Prayer
(c) 2008 Tiffany Snow

Dear Lord,
Open my heart in compassion
That I may see the needs of others.
Let me be not afraid
Because of the terminology of illness,
The wide-eyed fear evident from disease.

Show me where healing is needed,
And use me to bring love to those places.
My hands your hands,
My arms your arms,
My heart your heart,
Open inside me Your channel of Light.

Dear Lord,
Help me get myself out of the way,
And Open my eyes and ears
To any words or visions you would impart.
Give me faith beyond reason,
Impart upon me unreasonable faith,
Where I see all as made new
And everything manifested whole,
Physically, emotionally and spiritually.
All in perfect Divine balance.

Dear Lord,
May this time of Spirit touching spirit
Be a time of reflection of your abundant love,
Your grace to let all creation know you care,
And have the power and desire
To manifest changes in bodies and minds.
May all mankind attain to Divine Peace
In Loving You,
And their Neighbor as Themselves.
Thank you for Loving Us.

In Jesus’ Holy Name,
So Be It,

An Island Attacks the Sea
(c) 2008 Tiffany Snow

How can simple man
Say, “There is no god but me,
I make my own truth.”
What faulty reasoning
Brings a conclusion of lies.
What ignorance the creation has
To attack his own Creator!

Do you not know the darkness
That your imperfect words reveal?
Do you not see
The Perfection of Light?
No, for you look within and see an island,
Lashed by the tempest sea,
Alone and desolate.

Instead, look within and see
The contract that connects you
With all living things.
Island and sea and cosmos
All co-existent upon the Grid.

What ignorance the creation has
To attack his Creator,
The island to attack the sea,
The star to attack the universe,
The simple man to say
“I myself am God.”

God the Trash Man
(c) 2008 Tiffany Snow

Something old
Is renewed within,
At the brink of death.

With doe-full eyes,
We see beyond our plastic container.

Everything makes sense there.

The chaos of life
Is as refuse,
Our body the trash
We place at the curb.

God comes by,
 Sees the potential we have,
And recycles us.
How Sickness Begins
(c) 2008 Tiffany Snow

The release of pain
Over-long denied,
Shadows of darkness,
Memories of sad,
Filling the cellular chalice.

Needing to be heard
A voice to speak truth,
A tumor grows
Filling with trauma,
Rooting through anger.

Easily forgiven
In the beginning of memory,
fear transforms into pain.
Now a cancer to be chiseled out
Of the physical skin,
When the emotional body
Denies it’s sick.

Over-long denied,
The spirit finds a way to be heard,
To receive attention
To be loved,
Even healed and sealed
By God himself
When man won’t hear.

The body cries back to spirit,
Who are you killing me?
Still not realizing the voice in the wilderness
Over-long denied,
Is the sound of unresolved anger,
Unforgiveness and fear,
Drowning spirit for attention. 

I Can See You Now
(c) 2008 Tiffany Snow

I can see you now.
You are not what I thought you would be.
I thought you were warden,
Hell-fire preacher,
Strict school principal.
I heard you were mean, uncompromising and angry.

You are not what they thought you would be.
Rigid, white-bearded
 and robed in judgment.
I can see you now.

And now that I see you,
I can only tell all the many words that you are Not.
Hundreds of words,
 thousands of words that you are Not!

Because the simple truth is much harder to state,
The Essence of God
Wrapped in one single word,
One function of form,
One aspect of time,
One definition of eternity,
Is just One word,
The Best word heard,
Clearly seen with eyes of the heart,
Clearly felt in the spirit,
God of LOVE
I see you now! 

Healing for My Neighbor
(c) 2008 Tiffany Snow

I will only pray healing for my neighbor,
The one sick and depressed.

I will only pray healing for my neighbor,
The one dying from disease and old age.

I will only pray healing for my neighbor,
The one oppressed and impoverished by government.

I will only pray healing for my neighbor,
The one whose trees were cut to make room for progress.

I will only pray healing for my neighbor,
The one who embraces a baby half-starved.

I will only pray healing for my neighbor,
The one addicted to drugs and alcohol.

I will only pray healing for my neighbor,
The one whose husband beats her.

I will only pray healing for my neighbor,
The one who only cares about the things that happen on their street.

I will only pray healing for my neighbor,
But not because I think God’s arms can only reach that far.

I will only pray healing for my neighbor,
Because I know my small neighborhood
Is the entire

Remind Me
(c) 2008 Tiffany Snow

When I pray that the hungry might be fed in every country,
Remind me
That people are starving in spiritual pain too.

When I pray that the actions of my life may be as one,
Remind me
That each day has its individual opportunities.

When I pray for protection from the rain in my life,
Remind me
That the air is fresher after a storm.

When I pray for the gray clouds to be swept from my sky,
Remind me
That lightning has been a tool for enlightenment.

When I pray to see the sunrise on my face,
Remind me
 That a day spent in hard work sets more joyously.

When I pray for another day to love life,
Remind me
That love never dies, and life is eternal.

When I pray,
Just remind me. 

Sometimes I Forget
(c) 2008 Tiffany Snow

I am alone, but not lonely.
I am apart, but not separate.
Sometimes I forget.

I see the gentle breeze
playing among the avocado leaves.
I sway to the rhythm, rocking back and forth,
dancing with the branches on the tree.
I am part of all things.
Sometimes I forget.

I hear the evening night bird
singing the sun down, the last rays of color,
a crescendo of splendor
splashed upon the hills.
It is not day ending, but night beginning.
I am the fullness of the day,
 breathing in the cool of dusk.
I sing “Amazing Grace” to the sunset.
I am part of all things.
Sometimes I forget.

I see the yellow-winged butterfly
lilting from flower to flower, tongue flicking at all the wonders,
a colorful buffet of tasty petals.
I linger among the grocery produce,
eyeing the unusual vegetables and fruits
imported from who-knows-where,
that today I won’t ignore and pass over.
I am part of all things.
Sometimes I forget.

I see the destitute man,
dirty and unshaved, not making eye-contact,
haunting the sidewalk,
begging for a handout.
I feel his pain, I greet his eyes.
I smile, and reach in my pocket.
“God Bless You,” he says.
I am alone, but not lonely.
I am apart, but not separate.
Sometimes we forget. 
Offer Upon My Altar
(c) 2008 Tiffany Snow

Offer only lovely things upon my altar,
The things befitting a King.
The precious things that befit adornment,
Honor and respect, in all holiness;
A smile to a stranger,
A dollar to a beggar,
A child encouraged,
A dish of food to a pet.

These things are precious to me;
A kiss upon the cheek,
A hand held in friendship,
A promise never broken,
A tree newly planted,
Trash picked from the beach.

Offer only lovely things upon my altar,
For these things are the bounty of joy,
And peace will spread upon the land
And abundance upon your table.

For this land is your home and playground,
And these people are your family,
And all is precious to me.
The earth is my altar,
How you treat her and her people
Is an offering made to me.

Offer only lovely things upon my altar,
The things befitting a King.
For you are my sons and daughters,
Princes and princesses,
And this is your inheritance.

Naked Before You
(c) 2008 Tiffany Snow

Naked I stood before you Lord,
Nothing between you and me.
No way to hide
My imperfections,
My fears, my hates, my abuses, my ego.
Naked you knew all my soul,
And yet,
 You loved me.

All those around me knew me,
And I knew them too, intimately.
Oneness and Acceptance
They were giving me,
And I felt myself
Loving them,
Accepting them back.
Everything was OK.

Naked I stood there,
My sins and heart for all to see.
The one who avoided mirrors on earth,
The one never happy with appearances,
The one who hated photographs.
And none of that mattered,
And everything was OK.

You saw the real me
You knew the bones and sinews
of my very soul,
And yet you smiled,
And only covered me
With your love. 

Stargate of the Mind
(c) 2008 Tiffany Snow

 The Stargate of the mind
Reaches past the barrier of frontiers.
In an iridescent chariot of fire,
The lucid pioneer
Races by in his astral body.

The paradigm shift
Of bumping my head on the ceiling
Not a few times
A view mirrored anciently by saints
And yogis alike,
Is the resonance beyond gravity,
Beyond casual words.

Laws change in the Stargate,
New realities are expanded
As is the human intent.
Stretched like a new wineskin,
It ferments the drink
And intoxicates our senses,
And we yearn for more visions.

Allow yourself
The insane silliness to see beyond,
 And to discover that deep space is never empty,
Love can take us through any barrier,
And ceilings only exist in a mind
That is fearful of stars. 
The Cosmic Heart
(c) 2008 Tiffany Snow

The cosmic heart
Beats in my chest,
Throbbing in rhythm
To the birth of stars.

The infinite and invisible
Clearly seen in the width and breadth
Of spatial expanse and atom particles,
Of quarks and protons,
Is also part and particle of me.

The universal structure
Is the externalization
Of the Great Himself
In man and beast,
Flower and rock,
Sand and sea.

The manifestation of “I AM,”
Here He is,
 And here too, He and I together.
The cosmic heart pulsing
In quasars and shimmering moon beams,
Cascades effervescent light,
 spilling heaven
onto the earth.

The cosmic heart bursts with emotion,
Overflows on the banks of the Nile,
Floods the Mississippi,
And wets the eyes of the new mother
Holding her beautiful infant,
Whose tiny chest also heaves
With the steady beat within,
Of the cosmic heart. 

A Raindrop Falls into the Sea
(c) 2008 Tiffany Snow

A drop of water am I.
My life has automatically moved through many forms,
All necessary for cycling back to the everlasting sea.

A mist am I.
Hugging silently those who do not see me,
Silently waiting on awareness to dissipate the fog,
For an illumination to occur of spirit’s community,
For sunshine to warm the ground of mankind’s barrenness.

A crystal of ice am I.
When external conditions have left me cold and frozen,
Yet I must believe the purity of snow white love
can blanket all imperfections gracefully and completely,
still knowing some will dig through to stumble on roots.

A ball of hail am I.
Hammering on the tin roof of ego and ignorance,
Drumming my song because I must,
Destroying weeds and thistles where fields should be plowed,
Yet happily melting away at the sign of sun’s enlightenment.

A raindrop am I.
Flowing through necessary rivulets and streams,
Learning that transformation doesn’t mean losing identity,
For in this ocean surrender is not loss,
but becoming more than you ever thought you could be. 

Like A Puppy
(c) 2008 Tiffany Snow

Like a puppy,
The old man taps patiently at the pet store glass,
His weathered felt hat pulled down
Against his eyebrows,
Grey and fuzzy.

Like a puppy,
His belly protrudes
Beyond the length of flannel shirt
And he scratches his face and cocks his head.

The puppy wags his tail,
Biting and pawing against the glass,
The man places his nose close, eye to eye,
each wondering if this is the love sought for.

Like a puppy,
The old man becomes distracted,
And quietly wanders off, burying his needs.
The puppy tosses an old knotted rag,
Catching it in his teeth, and looks for approval
from glass that returns an empty stare.

The puppy flops down,
Grey and fuzzy,
Battered by loneliness,
Ever hopeful that Love will come calling,
And shredded paper will turn to grass.

Like a puppy,
The old man has found his way back again,
In his hands a silver dog dish,
In his wounded heart Love has come calling,
and loneliness is tossed like an old knotted rag
and caught in the teeth of hope. 

The Sirens Whine
(c) 2008 Tiffany Snow

The sirens whine their plaintive song,
And all people see is the outside of the ambulance,
As it speeds by, emergency lights flashing their warning.
Inside the white ambulance of red blood.

Our car pulls over to the side of the road,
And the people I’m with start complaining.
We will be late now.
They have been slowed down.
A person wonders out loud,
“Hum, I wonder if it was an accident?”
Then goes on to talk of the sale at the mall.
I sit crowded against the door,
Wanting to scream at the impatience
And the callousness of the human heart.

Inside the ambulance, the blood keeps spilling.
It cries for attention, calls out for decisions.
The man is flat-lining,
The knife wounds have cut deeper than unfaithful lovers,
His life poured out in the hands of technicians.
As real as my own eyes could see,
I am there with him in prayer,
and feel the chaos and withering,
The pain and forgetfulness,
As the struggle is surrendered and needles are stuck
And paddles and oxygen goes unneeded,
And the light of forgiveness envelopes spirit.

I know this gift is for intent to be made, and prayers given,
For there is a God in heaven who cares.
And the bloody wallet photo of girlfriend and baby,
Lotto ticket, younger brother and mother,
Will be bagged in plastic for safe keeping.

As the siren song fades into the darkness,
My impatience is replaced by a fleeting desire,
To be as uninformed as others,
To see no inner happenings and deeper things,
To simply wonder what is on the menu tonight,
-And yet I will not resist the calling or gift of God-
 But just sometimes I think how much easier it would be
 to know only the prices at the mall. 
Coffee Shop Faces
(c) 2008 Tiffany Snow

I sit here cloistered
With the latte faces.
Coffee grinds to a halt
With the storm of commuted stop.

Outside, the grey clouds rain,
Settling over power poles and telephone lines,
Forecasting their own accuracy
And controlling the measure of work time.

Inside, wafting aromas of pastries,
And subtle nuances of cinnamon and bagels,
Intermingle with the people floating above the chairs
And the people sitting down at the tables.

Settling pleasantly over the shoulders
Spirits appear like spring cirrus clouds,
Uncle George enjoying his unaware loved one
Beyond this dimension’s invisible shroud.

How quickly a room of thirty human people
Becomes one of ninety lives or so.
Would it amuse to know your cup’s surface ripple
Was grandmother’s essence enjoying espresso?

Almighty God
(c) 2008 Tiffany Snow

Almighty God, my heart's true unbreakable Love,
Look how you shine!
In my dullness and hazy-gray
I look up at you from the muddiness of my life,
And I reach up from the clay of the earth that I am,
and praise you.
You, who made the sun and the earth
and everything in the heavens,
You are magnificent and awe-inspiring!
Who can look up into the face of twinkling stars and say there is no God?
Who can look at the microscopic cell and say they don’t believe?
I believe you,
You are the one who stands by his promises.
You are the one who never leaves or abandons us.
You are the one who embraces us.
You are the one who calls us by name, and it is a tender one.
You are the one who loved us first, before we even knew you or how to love.
Without you, we are nothing.
You are breath to us, the food we eat, the water we drink.
You are everything we need to sustain us.
We are sustained and happy in your unbreakable Love.
Thank you God for loving us!
In Jesus’  Name, Amen 

Christmas with an Angel
(c) 2008 Tiffany Snow

It's Christmas Eve and the dusk has come,
the day's chores are finally at rest.
The animals are fed and the farmer knows
he's given another day his best.

Beyond the barn it's snowing outside,
the flakes softly floating to the ground
silently covering the pasture floor,
misty with featherbed down.
Time stands still in this blanketed silence,
yet bravely a night bird bursts to sing,
And across his cheek he feels the brush
 of something like an Angel's wing.
He gazes through the frosted trees
toward his home with ember's lonely glow,
his breath is smoky and feet are cold
In the silently falling snow.
He stomps his boots upon the porch
and as the doors open to warmth and light,
he notices he has special company
Who followed him home this Christmas night.
Shimmering in front of the fire
is an outline of brightly pulsing form,
smiling he pulls up a chair for his guest,
even Angels desire to come out of the storm.

And stories will easily come to mind tonight
of times of God's mercy and grace,
when the son of Heaven was born to a virgin
to save the human race.

And the farmer smiles and remembers that Love
is always there - whether anyone else is around -
and Angels will still come visit us
even upon the frozen ground.
(c) 2008 Tiffany Snow

Does the road wind uphill?
“Yes, to the very end.”
Is the way straight and clear?
“No, it is bend after bend.”

Are there rocks on which
 I might stumble and fall?
“Yes, but do not worry,
 for I will give a warning call.”
How long is the trail?
When will this journey end?
“Time will fly by speedily,
Just keep your eyes on me my friend.”

And thus had been my life,
I was hesitant to start my feet on the path
Unless I knew how far, where and when.

In fear I kept my eyes pointed down,
Measuring each step again and again.

But you have asked me to raise my head,
Look to the heavens,
And follow without every answered “why?”

When finally I trusted enough to do that,
My feet were lifted up from the ground…
You had given me Angel’s wings to fly.

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