Tiffany Snow – God Blessed with Miracle Healing & Holy Stigmata


“Heal my children, help them remember who they are…” 

Prayer changes things! Miracles still happen! And prayer is that opportunity for miracles to occur. Sometimes when we feel overwhelmed, doubtful, too stressed, or not worthy, a prayer companion really helps.


Tiffany Snow believes without doubt in the reality of God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit. She first met them in person when she died by a lightning strike (Near-Death-Experience) in 1999. All 5 wounds of Christ (The Holy Stigmata) opened spontaneously for 3-9 days every month from 2005 through 2009. Nothing can shake her faith in the reality of “a Loving God who wants to heal his children, help them remember who they are, and who he is – this is my life’s mission” – Tiffany Snow

Unshakable faith during prayer is a compelling and tender place where opportunities for blessings flow – a wide open conduit to receive without restriction. Let Blessed Tiffany stand beside you as a prayer companion to help receive his love and healing for you and your loved ones.


How It Works – Distant Healing 

Healing is Beyond Space and Time

Although she is a miracle worker, Tiffany Snow simply calls herself “a worker for The Big Guy.” Others call her “Blessed,” and indeed she is. Blessed Tiffany has been utilized by God to help thousands of people with many types of healing. This gift has been documented to work through recordings of her voice in prayer, radio and TV interviews, in-person healings, group gatherings, and by receiving distant healing prayer.


Blessed Tiffany at a Miracle Healing Day


“Father knows where everyone is, no one is distant from Him,”  says Blessed Tiffany, “His love and healing is beyond the constrictions of space and time!”

In one of the studies Blessed Tiffany participated in, it was determined the same high success rate occurred for someone at a distance as for a person being personally touched. Since she insists she is not the healer, but that the love of God is, being one of his gifted conduits allows his hands to be her hands, to reach out all over the world for healing.

This also allows people to stay in their own homes and environments instead of being burdened by the cost and safety risks of traveling to a separate location for healing. 


“Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am in the midst of them.” Matt. 18:20

What is a Distant Healing?

All Distant Healings are arranged at night while the person is asleep!

Most Appointments for healing can be scheduled within a few days!

Blessed Tiffany prefers to do distant healing while the person is peaceful in their bed. In this way, the person’s busy brain is shut down, and there are less doubts or questions occupying the mind which might hamper receiving. This is the same reason God often swoons people when healing in person, what some have referred to as being “slain in the spirit,” or “falling into bliss,” as seen in some Christian churches and at live events with Tiffany Snow.

Also, it is possible that you may be gifted with “words of knowledge,” from a healing: a message that God wants to give to you concerning some insight on something in your life. This may be either directly given to you from God, or through a message given to Blessed Tiffany that she will then pass on to you in an email.

How to Schedule an Appointment  

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There are many ways God chooses to connect with people. I never know what will happen in a healing. It is between your spirit and The Big Guy. My job is to help connect in prayer beside you, then get myself out of the way and let the Holy Spirit freely move through, which feels like sparkling, warm honey flowing from the top of my head down to my feet. It always amazes me! And I am full of gratitude for the opportunity to just be a part of it all.” – Tiffany Snow

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       Blessed Tiffany & her husband Fr. Billy 

We Are Experts

Fr. Billy Clark – A Married Priest Ordained in the Old Holy Catholic Church
Author, Exorcist, Teacher Specializing in Spiritual Warfare



The main reason Tiffany Snow was blessed with the Holy Stigmata was to become fully able to hear, receive and write down “The Divine Decrees.”

The Divine Decrees are prayers given by Our Heavenly Father to help humankind and the earth through these foretold difficult times. These special prayers are already blessed by God, and our Free Will activates them by saying “Amen.”

Great changes occur for us, our loved ones and the earth when we add saying these prayers alongside our personal prayers! The Divine Decrees help ease the suffering of humankind through this world shift, and covers many things we may not normally think about. Read The Divine Decrees on Father Billy’s website.






Are you suffering unusual attacks on your health, finances or relationships? Sometimes there are curses, hexes or spells passed down through family lines. Before a healing with Blessed Tiffany is it especially nice to say the prayer for this cleansing, to help receive healing even more fully. You can read the prayer for Breaking Ancestral & Generational Bondage on Father Billy’s website listed below.

Fr. Billy is also available if you need help with this prayer, Deliverance Prayers, are under spiritual attack, and for any questions about setting up a healing with Blessed Tiffany. He wears many hats!

Father Billy also teaches an excellent videoconference class “Becoming the Mystic – The Power to Transform All Things,” which contains much of the information received during Blessed Tiffany’s years of Holy Stigmata. This course is also required for those who wish to be ordained into the 2,000 year old line of apostolic succession to amplify and safeguard their spiritual gifts, as an ordained minister.

Contact Fr. Billy by phone or email