How to Schedule with Blessed Tiffany
All Types of Healing May Occur

WHAT SHE NEEDS FROM YOU: Blessed Tiffany prefers to do her distant healing prayers while the person(s) are asleep. To help facilitate a better connection with you, she requests a recent photo. Also, the general location of where you are, such as the name of your town and what country you live in. This helps her time the healings to when you are asleep. For family healings, a family photo is good. If you are fearful of giving your real name, use a nickname or just a first or last name – the indent for prayer will still occur! Soon after the payment is received Father Billy will personally contact you to schedule you in, usually within a few days. If possible, spend the day beforehand in prayer and praising God! Also, it is suggested that anyone scheduled for a healing should know about it; history has shown better results this way. And after all, isn’t that the bigger reason behind the healing of the body, to find closer connection with the One who created and loves our spirit? But if you cannot ask, know that the healing prayer will either be accepted or rejected at a soul level; the opportunity for healing will still be given.

Healing and successful spiritual warfare are very personal things –  all information is confidential. See our Privacy Policy on our Contact Page. Also if you feel you are under spiritual attack and need a deliverance prayer, or the prayer for breaking ancestral or generational bondage, doing that before receiving your healing prayer is always best. Bookmark this page and then look over Fr. Billy’s information to decide what you need.

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Private Distant Healing Prayers

Healing Prayer for One person, for 1 scheduled time. $150

*MULTI-PACK Healing Prayer for One Person, for 3 times (each spaced one week apart). $300

Family Pack Distant Healing Prayers

Healing Prayer for ENTIRE FAMILY (living in the same house including pets!) for 1 scheduled time. $350

*MULTI-PACK Healing Prayer for ENTIRE FAMILY (living in the same house including pets, and each spaced one week apart) for 3 times. $700

*Why Multi-Pack Distant Healings? Instant miracles or gradual healing? Distant Healing Prayer can be instantaneous, or jump-start the process of healing over time. It is never known beforehand what can happen. Setting more than one appointment gives more opportunities to receive; spacing them a week apart allows for any gradual healings to receive another jump-start during the process along the way.


Distant Healing Prayers with Blessed Tiffany on MP3 

Pre-recorded, this is an all-inclusive prayer for general healing. Listen to Blessed Tiffany’s voice by yourself before falling asleep, or all together with friends and family. The validity of recorded healings were first noticed when radio and TV interviews were re-aired and results of more miracles poured in! This MP3 gives you unlimited access to healing prayer whenever you choose! 

Healing with Blessed Tiffany MP3 $125

Peaceful Sleep with Blessed Tiffany on MP3 

Do you have difficulties sleeping? So many people have contacted Blessed Tiffany about this problem that she wrote and composed this just for you! Let Tiffany’s voice, music and prayers help you relax into slumber! This 20 minute MP3 gives you unlimited access to listen whenever you choose! Enjoy!

    Peaceful Sleep MP3  $30

Sharing Some Memories

Photos of Past Special Healing Events 

Tiffany Snow and Fr. Billy Clark operated The Divine Wellness Institute in California for several years where people could travel from around the world for in-person healing prayer. All 5 wounds of Christ (The Holy Stigmata) opened spontaneously for 3-9 days every month from 2005 through 2009, but at first this information was only known to family, close friends and local priest Fr. Francis Marcolongo, and bandaids covered the wounds when they were active. As time went by, the bandaids came off and Miracle Healing events were held in different venues that helped share healing, love, and the inspired information received through The Holy Stigmata. Blessed Tiffany and Father Billy married in 2006, and co-wrote one of the four books that Tiffany Snow has authored. They now live in the Eastern U.S. where Blessed Tiffany continues in the Distant Healing work and Father Billy continues his work in Spiritual Warfare, booking prayer appointments and teaching videoconference classes on “Becoming the Mystic” and The Divine Decrees. Hobbies include feeding a myriad of birds and raccoons outside, and indoor kitties.