Are You Being Attacked? Deliverance and Exorcism
Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones
©2009 Tiffany Snow

Are you suffering from unexplainable, prolonged, repetitive or unusual health problems? Do you have constant assaults on your finances, physical health or family and relationships? Do you have addictive behavior or dependency? Do you feel that you will never have long-term loving relationships, never accomplish the dreams and goals in your heart, never have full physical health or abundance, that you always have to watch for the next shoe to drop, that you take one step forward and two steps back, that you are not worthy enough, not smart enough, not good enough? If you said yes to any of the above, you need to recognize where this negative input is coming from, and break the cycle of abuse. You are the one being abused, you are the one being targeted; and it is time to give you the tools to fight back and reveal the unseen forces attacking you and your family – the unHoly Angels.

All Angels were originally created Holy, but were also created with free will, just as humans were. Because of the misuse of free will there were Angels in Noah’s day that came to earth and materialized male bodies for themselves.“The sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose…the Nephilim were on the earth in those days, when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them.” (Genesis 6:2-4) This soulless hybrid race of destructive giants God destroyed in the flood. These Angels who left God were then called fallen Angels, evil spirits, unHoly Angels or demons. They were now on the same side of the fence as the Angel called Satan, who was the first Angel that had rebelled against God in the Garden of Eden. Since the flood, neither Satan nor any of the unHoly Angels are allowed to materialize in physical form ever again. But, they still try to appear as mist, brightness, etc, like a Holy Angel, and they try to control behind the scenes. That is why they look for humans to manipulate to be their “eyes and hands.” They want you to do their destruction for them. They want to destroy all that God loves – and that includes the earth, your loved ones…and you. And the demons know they have only a short period of time so they are causing as much confusion and destruction as possible.

How do we get attacked? Our God-given free will is like a bubble or a shield around us. Sometimes we can get holes in this shield. Holes open us up to attack and manipulation. This not only hurts God (because we are his children and an attack on us is an attack on God), but can distract and confuse us from becoming the true potential that God created us to be. When this shield of free will is breached, it is like having a nagging voice constantly whispering in our ear destructive and negative things. This creates a war in our hearts, because we know in our spirit that these things are not really how we want to feel or live our lives. Deep inside our spirit we remember we are sparks off the Divine flame, and were created to have happy, healthy lives full of abundance in all good things. Keep in mind that this negative voice is not you: it is a trick, a lie. And you can shut it down, heal any injured or manipulated areas, and have peace and joy again by doing special Deliverance prayers; these help heal the holes and get off anything on you that is not of light and love. “I had been under the impression that there was something wrong with me. I feel happy now for the first time in a very long time.” – A. in TN

Deliverance and exorcism are often ignored in the modern churches, or kept private like a sacred secret to be known by only a privileged few. But it was not this way in the beginning. Every person, no matter what religion they are, must know how to fight against unHoly forces and clean up our bodies, homes and sacred spaces. We have God’s Authority to bind and loose by the power of recognizing his anointed representative, Jesus Christ. All the Angels know who this is, including the unHoly Angels, and it is the name that must be used to fight against them. Jesus said, “I tell you the truth, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” (Matthew 16:19, 18:18) Jesus taught his disciples about expelling demons right alongside teaching them about healing the sick and proclaiming the Kingdom of God. “Heal the sick…drive out demons.” (Matthew 10:5-8) (Luke 8:26-39) (read more in the article Why Jesus’ Life is Important Beyond Religion at

Sometimes the holes in the shield of free will are punched through from the outside. This can occur by physical abuse, emotional abuse, or sexual abuse. Sometimes we punch holes in it ourselves, from the inside out. This can occur by times of high negative emotion such as anger, fear, or even grief; addictions of any kind; willful sin (doing things we know we shouldn’t do but doing them anyway-knowing the difference between right and wrong and still choosing to do the wrong); some medications, severe lack of self-confidence, unforgiveness of any kind including unforgiveness towards others, self and even situations, and choosing fear over love. Having the insight on how manipulation can happen gives you the ability to be more forgiving to yourself and others when actions and words have not been kind. It also helps you recognize what has caused these holes and stop anything that opens you to more attack. “I couldn’t sleep at night, and felt anger boil up all the time – I had even called my wife for the very last time – I was at the point of suicide …Blessed Tiffany and Father Billy Clark prayed a “deliverance” prayer and got rid of a darkness that I didn’t even know I had – I even felt lighter afterward – and now I WANT TO LIVE!” J.S. Attorney-at-Law

There are different kinds of prayers for different things; some can be said by anyone, because we are all children of God. But when there is more against you than you know, or for those confused or wavering in faith, you will need a person who is stronger in conviction to assist you in this process of receiving back your freedom. Those ordained with clerical responsibility are recognized by the Holy Angels to have a special authority granted to them through God to cast out demons, and the unHoly Angels know it too. When the prayers are said an invisible war takes place, and the unHoly Angels are battled and removed from you and your surroundings. You can also say this prayer to cover those under your care – children up to the legal adult age for the area you live in and any of those you take care of such as the elderly and those with severe challenges. The holes in the shield of free will can then be closed. A good priest will also help a person recognize what these holes might be (unforgiveness, addiction to pornography, etc.) so the person can take any weak spots and make them strong once again, and recognize dangerous situations and take positive and healthy steps to avoid or get out of them. Holes in the free will can also be healed through saying prayers called Divine Decrees which were given by God through Holy Stigmata.

Here is a deliverance prayer that you can say for yourself, at any time – and you will be surprised about the clarity you can have and how refreshed and light you can feel without the depression, unworthiness, negative voices, lack of abundance, undiagnosable illnesses, difficulty praying, etc, that might have been pervading your life for years and years. Copy it and carry it with you wherever you go. There is no limit on how often you repeat it, each time it calls in the Holy Angels to fight for you. You can feel peace and joy again!

Deliverance Prayer: “Father, if there are any unHoly Angels in, on, near or around me, I nail, hold them fast and silence them. I decommission, bind and encapsulate them through the Power of the Shed Blood of Your Son, Jesus Christ. I bring them up to your presence immediately Lord to deal with as you see fit. May you fill any empty spaces and lonely places within me with your love and your light. Thank you Father, In Jesus’ name. Amen.”

Repeat the prayer as often as you feel the need. Daily, several times a day, whenever you feel any lack of clarity, or experience tension, whenever you feel anything coming against you or anxiety or any negative thoughts come to mind. Remember this is not about fear. “Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord of Hosts.”(Zechariah 4:6) And please remember it does not mean that you are a bad person if you need a deliverance prayer. In many cases, it is like having dog poo on your shoe, it is just something you stepped into and are now dragging along with you. Though the initial point of contamination was far behind you, unwittingly you carry it along to your house, your workplace, and into your children’s bedrooms, and wonder where the smell is coming from. Remember, the stink isn’t you, but you can do something about it right now.

What is the difference between deliverance & exorcism? Exorcism is needed when there is a full on takeover of a person, where they are pushed aside within themselves and darkness is ruling their lives. An experienced priest is always needed here. When our free will is nearly taken from us, God will work to restore the person’s freedom to recognize Love without interference, but the representative standing in faith with the person needs to have confidence in God’s strength, and know without a doubt that love wins over fear. It is rare that a person is actually possessed. Possession is absolute demonic control of the person. It is demonic oppression, where the good and normal nature of the person is attacked. But more often it is an evil attachment/affliction that is occurring (deliverance). This is very common. Most people have just attracted evil to themselves from past bad decisions (sin), so it has an actual right to be there, a contract as it were, and it just won’t let go. “Be self-controlled and alert. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” (1 Peter 5:8) But as a redeemed child of God, you also have the right to ask God to remove that contract. You just have to ask, and Divine Love will heal the damaged areas of your free will, and help you become discerning, strong and healthy again.

It doesn’t matter how long ago it was, unHoly Angels can attack and attach themselves and they won’t just “go away.” In fact, rarely do we see only one; they seem to root and call in their buddies when they find a home. Similar to being injured and getting the wound infected, demons often use these damaged places in our armor to dig in and become a wound full of disease. With time we may develop a thin scab over it and think it is over with, but meanwhile the infection under the scab is actually ravaging and eating away at us. Let’s take one example; let’s say as a child we didn’t have a father’s love. In that case, our wound of rejection then becomes a rip in our spiritual defenses (shield of free will) and in no time we may pick up the very real spiritual infections of “the spirit of unworthiness,” “the spirit of resentment,” “the spirit of unforgiveness” or even “the spirit of hatred of men.” The unHoly Angels are usually given the names of the emotions they emphasize. Since they don’t have physical bodies, they don’t usually have names like George, Ethan, and the like. Typically during an exorcism we call out any demonic spirits by the behavior they display. One of the gifts of the spirit listed in 1 Corinthians 12 is the “discernment of spirits.” We don’t want to give any power to unHoly Angels by referring to them by their personal names, even if we are told them, unless the person being exorcised already knows it themselves, and then it may be used to cast the demon out. The demons desire to have themselves deified or god-like – they want to make their name known. But, all we need to do is recognize what their major attribute is, and call them by that. This is why occult books name many of them, just for the reason of ego, power and personal identity; which is absolutely contrary to the humble nature of Holy Angels who give all the glory and honor to the name of God.

During an exorcism, there is no need to allow any “Hollywood” type demonstrations. Although the demons want to stimulate fear by causing wild antics to erupt around the person being helped (often without the individual having any memory afterward), a wise priest will nail, hold fast, silence, bind and decommission any demons before that happens. “Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” (James 4:7) Having an additional person constantly reading scriptures is nice during an exorcism, and another person or two to help the priest keep the person safe is also recommended. This will minimize any tantrums or injuries the demons may want to cause the person while they are still occupying them during the fight with the Holy Angels. Love always wins, and the weight will be lifted, and the freedom regained. Again, it is very common to need the prayer for deliverance, but very rare to need the prayers for exorcism. The information given here is to simply show the difference between the two, and that there is no reason to be in fear of either one, for deliverance and exorcism are the cure and not the problem.

Unexplainable, prolonged, repetitive or unusual health problems and constant assaults on finances, physical health or family and relationships are the result of attacks by unHoly Angels. But, there are powerful steps that we can take. Specialty prayers for deliverance and exorcism can give back the peace and joy to our lives that may have been missing for a long time. And with that new clarity comes the confidence, safety, joy and peace that we were created to have as a beloved child of God – and it’s only a prayer away. END

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