Ghosts, Spirits and Manipulated Ghosts – The Differences
How to Know What Kind and What to Do
© 2009 Tiffany Snow

You hear footsteps, tapping, your name or voices, doors or cupboards opening or closing. You feel a wave of coldness, that something just touched you, that you are being watched. You see a glowing mist, an odd light, a dark shadow, a face, an outline, something out of the corner of your eye. What is it? Is it just your imagination or is there something much more here? No, it is not your imagination. You are being visited. And you need to know by whom and what it means. You are not alone.

Ghosts, spirits and manipulated ghosts are all folks who have lived as people and have died – this makes them different from Angels or demons who have never been humans. Ghosts are the life-force of people who have not yet gone to God. Spirits are the life-force of people who have gone to God and now have access to come and go as they please between this world and the next. Manipulated ghosts are the life-force of people who have not yet gone to God so are in ghost form, and have come under attack and control of unHoly Angels or demons.

Big choices happen at the moment of death. When death is imminent, a Holy Angel appears before us, along with several loved ones who have already passed on. This occurs to help us know that the Angel we are seeing is not a hallucination, and that we really do exist beyond our physical bodies. All Angels have specific duties, and the one that comes to us at this time is often called the Angel of death, but is more aptly called a “homing” Angel, because he is there to take us home to God. The homing Angel is very gentle and loving and maternal, and desires us not to be afraid of letting go of our bodies. We are given a choice at that time to go to God right then, or to wait until after the funeral ceremony. All we have to do is touch the hand of the Angel and everything is OK.

It shows our free will desire to go to God, and to choose love over fear. The reason we are given a choice about going right then or waiting until after the funeral is because there is a 2-3 week debriefing time after we die. During this time we have a life review, we review the facets of love learned during this life, we go through a cleansing and full remembrance of who we really are, and make decisions with our guardian Angel and Jesus about future choices. During the debriefing time we do not visit earth. But after the debriefing we can come and go and visit our loved ones on earth freely, how long and how often depends on other choices we make about what we are doing.

When we are newly out of our bodies, it takes some getting used to – for example, we now see not just through our eyes, but all around us. The homing Angel helps us get used to our new spirit body and escorts us around using his energy. If we say we want to visit our daughter or mother, in a blink of an eye we find ourselves there, and utilizing a way of connection appropriate to the situation. This is why most visitations of our loved ones happen right after their death, because they desire to let us know they are OK and still exist. After their debriefing, their ability to come and go freely also means that we can trigger visitations by prayerfully asking for them. If we desire to use a touchstone such as holding an item or picture that was dear to them, we can, that is up to us, but not necessary. They hear us at the moment we talk to them, unless they are busy, then our calling out is stored to a place that is accessed by them at another time.

Our loved ones are indented or connected to us and they desire to help us overcome our grief and help us make healthy and loving decisions in our lives. With this gentle prodding they act similar to how Angels do, looking out for our best interests and directing us in love, since all their burdens and “could haves and should haves” have been released and forgiven. By knowing the true nature of God they also know themselves and each one of us, all in love. This is our life-force as a spirit.

Ghosts on the other hand, have not taken the hand of the homing Angel and have not chosen to go to God. Because free will does not end at death, sometimes people make an incorrect choice even after letting go of the body. Ever wonder about the last part of the Hail Mary prayer? “Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee; blessed are thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.” At the hour of our death is when we are most at risk for being attacked. This is why it is so necessary that people are surrounded by love, understanding and support at their time of death. This is a crucial time. Many have entered the ghost life simply because they are simply afraid to go to God, thinking they would not be forgiven for things they have done. There have been many versions of faulty teachings about God – but he is not like a prison warden, or a strict overbearing disciplinarian who would send anyone to a fiery hell of torment. None of this is true – he is the core of unconditional Divine Love, forgiveness and mercy. And torture and fear could never coexist with Love, it is the exact opposite.

In fact, in Biblical days there was a pagan ritual of sacrificing children to false gods by burning them to death in fire, and God shows his repugnance for that by saying: “The people of Judah have done evil in my eyes…they have built the high places of Topheth…to burn their sons and daughters in the fire – something I did not command, nor did it come up into my heart.” (Jeremiah 7:30, 31) It is not in the heart of a loving God to do such a thing. Hell is a separation from God, fiery hell does not exist. But separation does, and when a ghost doesn’t go to Father, he is in this place of purgatory, separation or hell. He is in-between and stuck between this world and the next.

Ghosts do not know any more or any less than when they were alive. If your aunt was mean when she was here on earth, she will still be mean as a ghost. If she was the salt of the earth and kind-hearted, that is how she will be as a ghost. So, you do not have to be afraid of them. They are people who have just shed their physical bodies. They have less real power over you now than they ever had. A death that was sudden may produce ghosts because a person can’t believe they are dead and they see the homing Angel as a hoax. If they can’t believe they are dead they may go on with the same chores and stresses during their day as if they were still alive. These are the some of the hardest to convince to go home. There are a few who will go on like this for thousands of years without improvement. Some will keep repeating over and over again the most emotional part (good or bad) of their lives or the last part of their lives. Sometimes a person may mistakenly believe they can’t go to God until loose ends are tied up – but no matter what is undone, going to God and being in spirit form will help much more, and give you more helpers with you besides.

There is never a good reason not to touch the hand of the Angel. However, in his mercy, even those in ghost form are not forgotten by God. Periodically a homing Angel will be sent to each ghost offering another chance. God has also gifted many people with the ability to sense, see or feel ghosts and will periodically send these to help ghosts go home too. If you are one of these, remember there is no need to help them with unfinished business, everything will have wonderful Angelic outcome when they go to God. There is only one goal, to go to Father, to go to the light. Everything else will be taken care of. This is a test of faith, for them and for you. Briefly let them know their condition by asking a few questions: “do you remember waking up this morning? What did you eat? When did you get your last paycheck?” Then get to the point – let them know the true nature of God and how much Father loves us, how he sees us without all of our weaknesses, and that he sees only our Love, and not our imperfections which have all been forgiven by the karmic redemption of Christ, and that loved ones await them. It’s all about love.

Too many people with good intentions get tied up in thinking they are helping a ghost by extensively lingering with them and end up getting wound up in the high emotions of the ghost and get thrown off course from the main goal. Ghosts only need to do one thing, go to the light. That is it! All else will be answered for them after that. All they have to do is touch the hand of the Angel. This is a prayer to assist them in going to the light: “Wake up o sleeper and rise from the dead and Christ will shine on you.” (Ephesians 5:14) Repeating this 3 times will assist with bringing the homing Angel to them. Touching the hand of the Angel will immediately bring them to the embrace of Divine Love. That is it. It is that simple.

Ghosts are easier to see because they are of a lower vibration than spirits who have gone to God. Angels are of an extremely high vibration. They are much harder to see and have to make the intention to slow their vibration so that they may be visible. Ghosts attract things of extremely low vibration, such as demons (unHoly Angels). This is another explanation of why they must go – even if they feel they are helping their loved ones, they are not – it is very dangerous for them to hang out. Another reason is because they too can get manipulated by demons, just as we can. A full 60% of ghosts become manipulated by the unHoly Angels and turn into manipulated ghosts. Make sure that the grandmother talking to your child is a spirit and not a ghost, no matter how friendly she is.

Ghosts are humans who have died and not yet gone back to Father. Manipulated ghosts have been attacked and have fallen prey to the manipulations of the unHoly Angels and become convinced that they are demons too. The unHoly Angels twist the manipulated ghosts and use them against people like pawns, and this is why ghosts can become very destructive and evil, because they are tapping into this source. Remember these manipulated ghosts are at their core children of God, and they still have the chance to go back to Father, to learn more about love and have more opportunity to share in his love. Manipulated ghosts need more assistance to return back home to Father because they can no longer see themselves as once human, they see only the darkness and the manipulation fed to them. These are the ghosts that appear disfigured, distorted, a perversion of what they were. Anywhere there is a perversion of how something was intended to be, count on the fact that there is demonic influence present.

Here is the prayer to assist a manipulated ghost: “Lord, I ask that any manipulated ones here in this perimeter be nailed, held fast and silenced. I ask that their Angel show them their true name. As the homing Angel departs they too are allowed to leave and I say to them, Wake up O’ Sleeper and rise from the dead and Christ will shine upon you. Wake up O’ Sleeper and rise from the dead and Christ will shine upon you. Wake up O’ Sleeper and rise from the dead and Christ will shine upon you. (Ephesians 5:14) Thank you Father that these may come home to you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

This prayer is not a forcing back home but an awakening to who they are as children of God. When we hold them and silence them, they cannot cause as much or any damage. It is important to know the homing Angel will never force someone to go, but offers the way. The part of our prayer asking that “their Angel show them their true name” is referring to their Guardian Angel, the one that has been with them the whole time since before their birth. This Angel shows them their true name, not as we may know a name to be, like Henry or Steve but all that they truly are, including the aspects of love that they have polished over all their lifetimes. This awareness given to the manipulated ghosts of who they truly are as a child of God, frees them from the control of the unHoly Angels and allows for communication to start up again between them and their Guardian Angel. Even with this prayer, it is still up to the ghost, so adding our own blessing asking that they return to God is powerful as well. If a manipulated ghost chooses not to go to God and is still causing problems, we can go the next step and do an exorcism as if we were casting out a demon (read more in the article “Are You Being Attacked? Deliverance and Exorcism” at

When you come across a ghost or manipulated ghost treat them with love, respect, and kindness. They really are lost souls. They may be bitter, downright demonic in their behavior, or they may be just confused. It makes me upset that there are so many haunted houses in the United States today that actively encourage people to come visit them, and charge a lot of money to do so. Remember you can say the prayer whenever you like – you can do this without permission of the homeowner; it’s not like breaking a contract, such as with demons, where you need free will agreement of the renters or homeowners. It really is beautiful when the ghost “gets it” and moves on and upward; such a feeling of relief and joy can be felt! Sometimes a person who is sensitive will be able to see the heavens open and the ghost leave, and see the energy of the room charged with heavenly light. Sometimes a warmth can be felt, or the scent of a mild pleasant perfume.

No, it is not your imagination – a whole other world exists just beyond your eyes. You are not alone, none of us are, and that is a good thing. Why? Because love is greater than fear, and light is greater than darkness. We do not have to ever be afraid of ghosts, manipulated ghosts or unHoly Angels. Love reminds each of us of our power against the darkness as redeemed children of God. Through our free will desire of prayer we have help at any and all moments from Holy Angels, spirits of loved ones, guides, our Guardian Angel, and God himself. Knowing this, we can identify who is visiting us and what to do in every circumstance, while still choosing to be a reflection of love without fear to all. END

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