The Third Secret ‘The Secret’ Didn’t Tell You
By Tiffany Snow ©2007

The law of attraction. The power of positive thinking. Seeing things as already accomplished, people already healed, life already full of abundance. These are the things we know can be true, and the main focus of the new movie ‘The Secret.’ There is a place inside of us that knows that we can truly have a life of happiness, health and prosperity, that anything less than that is not our true reality. So when we focus and see ourselves as healthy, and shift our thinking to attract the good things, why is it that often the final result still doesn’t match our expectations?

We may experience short-term financial gain, a reprieve from the illness, a flash of inspirational light in the darkness. Yet when we are honest with ourselves and acquaintances, we see that even with our best intentions, things still aren’t working out as we’d hoped. By personal experience many of us can honestly say that ‘The Secret’ is very good, and we recognize much truth in it – but something is still missing. I want to share that with you here, for there are three aspects to manifesting intention. ‘The Secret’ covers only two – but not the most important one of all.

Let’s take a common example of intention, the wonderful desire to heal someone. As a healer and stigmata-bearer, I would say about 10% of the people who come to see me from all over the world are healers themselves, all utilizing various modalities. They come perplexed by their exhaustion and undiagnosable diseases. They come wondering why they are having struggles and if it is part of their karma to experience suffering. They come wondering why they have been able to heal others but not themselves. They have beautiful hearts and have consistently used that compassion to connect with others and heal them. They are experiencing illness, lack of abundance, and bouts of depression. They have the best of intentions, but their journey is not advancing well.

There is nothing like personal experience to convince us of the need to change things. To advance my own journey, a zigzagging bolt of light was the best way for me to remember who I am, my purpose, and my connection with The Big Guy. I was first awakened by a lightning-strike and near-death experience in 1999. Since then, there has been continual communion with the other side and further choices to empirically experience Divine Love through times of stigmata, which began in 2005. I have learned many deeper things, and further clarity on things that are popular and already known. So for me, since I had come from a traditionally religious background, one of my first questions was; “What religion is the right one?” The answer: “All those who love me.” Another question; “Are the Holy Scriptures complete?” The answer: “All the Holy Books are incomplete, so that man may reach out to me, and I will greet him, and he will know me by name.” All this made sense to me more than anything before, and empirical experience made it something I couldn’t ignore.

During one of these times of sharing, I was given the answer about intention and manifesting, and the three full aspects of it. I had only asked a simple question, “What is the role of the Guardian Angel? And as always, the answer gave me much more than I had anticipated. I was told this: we were all created as co-creators; not just about having children, but all of us were created in God’s image with the ability to physically manifest our intentions into being. But, through the free will choices of original mankind and other factors, our intentions aren’t always the best. For example, we may be driving down the street and a flicker of thought may go through our mind that an opposing car would swerve and hit us. So, in that instant, that is exactly what would occur. The Guardian Angel says, “No! That’s not a good one!” and stops it from happening. It may happen by another way, but it will not be from that flicker of unconscious intention that just went through our mind.

But, our good intentions are allowed to fly free – and are buoyed by our own energy. This is why the more passion and excitement we have over something, the greater chance it has of being accomplished and coming to fruition. This is when we experience the short-term financial gain, the reprieve from the illness, the flash of inspiration. This is also why we can feel exhausted and drained, even when our compassion moves us to these great things. This is the second part of intention, and why even our best efforts don’t last or are as powerful as we want them to be, because they are limited by our ability to create and sustain it through our own energy.

Now the key – the third part of intention is the ability to go beyond our own energy and to participate in the Divine Connection. The missing piece is God. It doesn’t matter what you call him, he knows what his name is. And there has to be a separate free will intention to allow this participation. Free will is a powerful and respected thing we all have and there is no “automatic” switch that goes on once we make a choice. There has to be an active desire, a place of connection or prayer, a joint participation of purpose. This is where we go beyond ourselves in the vulnerability and strength of Divine Love and interaction, beyond our higher self. This is the true secret of the universe, and where everything happens.

This is where the miracles occur. This is where any healing modality becomes “the best one;” where we recognize and sustain a loving relationship; where lasting abundance fulfills our every need. It is a place of connection beyond ourselves, but it cannot be done without our participation either. It is also not a place of simply “thy will be done.” It goes beyond that too – it is a place of active positive intention with all the specific details you envision it with. When you do this, you receive one of three answers back in return. (1). Yes. (2). Not yet. (3). I’ve got a better idea than that. But without a doubt, you will be answered, and in a way that you will recognize, because you have remembered to be detailed and specific in your intentions.

Two things occur when you do this: (1). You will know without a doubt that an energy exists beyond your own and cares about you, and (2). You will recognize the celestial interventions that manifest in front of you, and grab onto them without fear, and also let any doors close behind you without fear as well. It is then you will begin to empirically experience the joy you always knew existed but couldn’t sustain for long. You will be living your life between candle and flame, beyond any religion of habit, past bad metaphysics – in the fullness of love, abundance and health, and you will be doing it Divinely. And you will empirically experience the final results matching your greatest expectations and intentions; for with love, all secrets can be revealed. END

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