What Happens When a Pet Dies?
By Tiffany Snow and Fr. Billy Clark © 2007)

When death of a person or an animal is imminent, God lifts the spirit out. This is a place of comfort for us to know, since any images that you have seen of the body going into spasm or destruction before death is not felt by the spirit, since it is not in the body at that time; the body is only reacting on automatic. Before the body hits the ground from a tall building, before the car bursts into flames, before the animal’s throat is torn, before a murder takes place, the final impact is not felt. We never have anything to fear, not even death! God is gracious and kind to all, and though the physical body may not survive, the spirit does, whether animal or human.

Pets are literally part of us. Just as we are a spark off of the Divine Flame, domesticated animals are smaller sparks off of our own flames. We are given the choice before coming into these bodies of how many sparks we wish to let out to become our delegates. Delegates serve a specific purpose, they are here to teach us more about love, the giving and receiving of love, balance within these bodies and most certainly how to play! Delegates take these roles very seriously. Delegates operate within our own free will, they are a part of us and are here to help us. They are spirit off our spirit, just as our spirit is off of God’s. What about the non-domesticated animals or wild animals? These all belong to God. These are what we can think of as Father’s delegates. These are the place of love and joy for Father to feel and experience. It is easy to see how people of all cultures have had respect for animals in some regard and how those that we think of as being more spiritual have picked up on the respectful treatment of animals. When we take care of the wild animals, when we show love and respect for them, we demonstrate love and respect for the One who created us all.

Now, when the body of a pet is worn out, when it is time for a pet to die, it is extremely important to understand that it is only the body that dies. The spirit of the delegate lifts out and awaits the next new body that you accept into your life as your pet. The delegate doesn’t die; it just awaits the next interaction. Depending on how many delegates you have waiting to come in, the delegate that was in the body that just died may come right back or may wait while another spark off of your flame drops in. Either way, it is about God’s Love being shown to you and you having the opportunity to experience more about love.

So as the pet is dying, it is important to let them know how great a job they have done, and that they have taught you a lot and helped you so much. Letting the pet know that it is okay to die and let go. They understand so much more than you may think they do. It is important that you give your pet permission to die. And it is important to understand that the delegate doesn’t die when the body of your pet does. Let it soak in and be a comfort to you that the spirit of the pet, your delegate, will never be separated from you. Remember, they are a spark from your flame, but the spirit continues on. Sorrow is to be expected, we miss touching them, hearing them, all the five senses that were conscious of them in the “real” world now crave and remember what used to be. After their death, you may even find yourself being visited by your little one; a familiar sound, an indent on your bed next to you, warm beside you exactly where they used to be. You may even catch glimpses out of the corner of your eye, just as you can with humans that have passed on, and Angels. All these things are very real, and ways that The Big Guy wants you to be comforted and know that existence continues on past the body.

Your heart will let you know when to get another pet, and this is a decision that is not to be made by another person, but by you. Like all decisions in life, we have two choices, love or fear. Love moves us forward, fear stagnates and freezes us. If you find yourself not wanting to get another pet because of the fear of loss again, that is the wrong way to make a decision. Let love always be your motivating factor in all things, and follow through on what your spirit and Divine Spirit is telling you.

It is up to you to choose what kind of body you will be next be giving your new delegate. It is not necessary to choose a body that has already been beaten up. Many people gravitate to the animals that are sickly and in need of love. That is okay, but it is important to understand that the healthier the body of the animal, the longer the delegate can be around.

You are in charge of your choices, the type of body for your delegate or if you want one at all. You will know in your heart if you chose to have a pet before you came in. You will feel incomplete, and desirous of having one. This is an issue that cannot be forced. Do you understand now why during separation or divorce proceedings so much emotion is focused on pet ownership? With all this information, perhaps it will help parents to understand the strong desire of children to have pets as well. It really is not our place to say no to others about the decision of pet ownership, or even in what domestic form it may take; though it would show maturity and consideration to weigh factors such as cost, space, and care with all those involved where the pet will live. With all of this, remember that love never dies; and neither does the spirit of your little helpers, your touch-stone to unconditional love. A pet is a mobile sacred space of love, always ready to teach you more about who you are, who God is, and who each other is. Enjoy the love! END

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