When Gay is OK with God and When it’s Not
© 2009 Tiffany Snow

There are two kinds of homosexuality. A person can be born a homosexual, or they can be maneuvered into becoming one. One person will easily think, act and process information like the opposite sex. The other will hold an often undisclosed inner anger and feeling of frustration and unworthiness about their sexual orientation. Both can become very depressed about how they are treated by society. They may also feel unloved by God, or at least unsure about how they fit in. What makes the differences at birth? When is gay OK with God, and when is it not?

All of us have had many lives as both sexes, and we have gone through many generations since Adam and Eve. In the beginning, man and woman were created perfectly, which included sex only between male and female, that was the first marriage. When our original parents pulled away from love it was reflected in many ways, including emotional and physical limitations, and eventually even death. We are now a very long way from being perfect.

The baby born with a cleft palate, with heroin addiction, with pigmentation problems, with sight or hearing difficulties, did not choose to come into life that way. There were many factors as their body was developing that made them so. Our genetics, environmental factors, cause and effect of personal choices (drugs, diet, etc.) are all reasons why children are born with differences, yet all are loved by God. God never creates difficulties in a person’s life to teach a lesson. He is a God of love, he doesn’t bring about bad for people to appreciate the good. But no matter what the difficulty might be or how it came about, God is always there to help make it better.

Do we think God doesn’t love these children? But their spirit is not their body. The spirit lives in the body, like electrical inside a house. There are babies born with perfectly healthy bodies, but the spirit has become vulnerable. This can happen through trauma at birth, through addiction of the mother, and other influences. The spirit is a very real thing, and basically looks like a golf tee in the body, with the bulk of it in our head and the rest down our spine. Daily we carry with us all our experiences of every life we have ever had. It is in our spirit over layered with our physical brain (did you even wonder what all that extra “unused” brain was for? Now you know!). We are never separate from ourselves. But, it would be a very great distraction to accomplishing what we need to in this life if we were fully cognizant of all those other experiences. It is God who put the veil there, and in the natural course of our life he will give us glimpses as he sees fit, into the positive choices we have previously made, and our past successes with expanding love. When God opens the veil, it is always for positive encouragement. All the places where we have failed and made bad choices are kept closed when God opens the veil.

However, a child may come in with a thinness or even a tiny rip in the veil. Sometimes that small tear makes them a natural genius, musician or world-class artist because they are simply remembering and growing upon their previous life experiences. It can also rip in a place that is not a positive experience, and huge rips often create a mesh a person cannot handle well, and what many doctors may label as autism and other similar problems. Sometimes it can also bring up memories of being male, or being female. When this happens, the baby is born homosexual, it is natural for them, and they are now simply growing upon their previous experiences, no matter what physical body their spirit may be in. And since the spirit and body are interwoven together, real chemical and physical changes occur in the body as well. The child born a homosexual is OK with God, they are not able to change, or even asked to. And, they are unconditionally loved.

But what about the person who has been maneuvered into homosexuality? God is very straight forward about the immediate need to turn away from it, for it disrupts everything about how they interact with themselves, with others and with God. It hampers spiritual growth and can lead to further manipulation in many ways. The Big Guy wants all of us to have happy, healthy and abundant lives. He does not want us to be injuring ourselves in any way. This is why you will see numerous Biblical references to the immediate need for change (Genesis 19:1-29; Romans 1:18-32 ). Unfortunately, through time these scriptures have been pointed toward all homosexuals and this has been a manipulation too. The person maneuvered into homosexuality is not feeling OK , and they are asked to change. However, they too are unconditionally loved. It is in the midst of our struggles that God gives us even further opportunities to see the offering of his hand in supporting and guiding us, and as a support of love upon our shoulder for encouragement and strength. He doesn’t want anyone to be hurting themselves, or anyone else.

How does maneuvering into homosexuality happen? There is more involved in that than you may be aware of. Each of us is created with free will, it is like a bubble or shield around us. But it can get holes in it, punched through from the outside from physical abuse, emotional abuse or sexual abuse by another person; or we can punch holes in it ourselves by addictions, times of high emotions such as grief or anger, some medications, or willful sin (doing things we know we shouldn’t do but doing it anyway). When we get holes in this shield, we can be attacked through them. What attacks us? God made Angels with free will as well as humans. Some of these Angels unplugged from God and are the ones who attack; they have then made themselves unHoly Angels, or demons. And they attack the same three things they have for thousands of years – finances, health and relationships. They want to make us feel hopeless, helpless, alone; that we will never see our dreams come true, we will never be fully healthy or happy or have long-term relationships, and that we always have to be afraid that the other shoe will drop. They keep twisting the sword in any hole they find in the shield, even desiring every child of God to get to the point of self-destruction and suicide. They want to hurt God by hurting the things he loves.

In their plot to make us to feel isolated or separate from others, ourselves and even from God, one of the many tactics the unHoly Angels use is convincing people that they are homosexual when they are not. Or, if they are born homosexual, that they need to change before they can be loved, which is impossible for them to do. Sexuality is a strong and natural desire to express ourselves to our mates, and since the act of orgasm brings the couple together in spirit to touching the face of God, the unHoly Angels wish to pervert it and make a person feel dirty, they wish to take away the sanctification and joy that coupling brings.

So a person can be maneuvered into thinking they are homosexual without even another human being involved in it. What can we do? We can ask for help. We can pray. Prayer is a place of going beyond the bubble, and using our free will to connect with a power higher than ourselves. It is a place of allowing ourselves to receive love, guidance and protection from God. It is a place of transformation, of healing, of clarity of thought, of discernment. Prayerful connection can help you discern what kind of homosexual you are, and feel the unconditional love that is there for you beyond orientation. It can also be a place of asking for a special kind of prayer – a cleansing off anything that is not of love, asking for awareness of any holes, and participating in closing them. This kind of prayer is called a cleansing or deliverance prayer, and has helped countless people in difficult situations of all types. Here is a simple deliverance prayer you can do for yourself. Please note there may be times a more advanced prayer is needed, when more has come upon you than you may be aware of, and asking for assistance from a person of faith can be a great help.

“Father, if there are any unHoly Angels in, on, near or around me, I nail and hold them fast and silence them. I decommission, bind and encapsulate them through the power of the shed blood of your son, Christ Jesus. I bring them up to your presence immediately to deal with as you see fit. May you fill any empty spaces and lonely places with your love and your light. Thank you Father, in Jesus’ name, Amen.”

This prayer may be short, but it is powerful. It is also one of the reasons we have seen people be healed of undiagnosable diseases, emotional ailments, and even HIV/AIDS; because there is a spiritual attack that needs to end, and then the body can heal. This is why conventional medicine alone has had such problems curing these illnesses.

So there are two kinds of homosexuality. A person can be born a homosexual, or they can be maneuvered into becoming one. All of us have had many lives as both sexes. A child may come in with a tiny rip in the veil which brings up memories of being male or being female. When this happens, the baby is born homosexual, it is natural for them, and they are now simply growing upon their previous experiences. But the person who has been maneuvered into homosexuality needs to turn away from it immediately, since it hurts them in many, many ways. Manipulation of all kinds can occur when our free will get holes in it, since we are then attacked by UnHoly Angels who desire us to go against who we truly are and make us feel unworthy and unloved. But prayer can help us remember ourselves at spirit level, and receive ongoing Angelic support, protection and healing. It is in the midst of our struggles that God gives us even further opportunities for guidance, and is a support of love for encouragement and strength. He doesn’t want anyone to be hurting themselves or anyone else, which also can include our view of judgment of self or others “…for God does not see as mortals see; they look on the outward appearance, but God looks on the heart” (1 Samuel.16:6,7). For no matter who we are, we are all imperfect, and we are all unconditionally loved, beyond orientation. END

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